Introducing AIWAY Project

Revolutionizing Crypto Trading with AI-Powered Tools

01. Introducing AIWAY - LTF Trading System: Revolutionizing Your Trading Experience

Welcome to the future of trading with AIWAY IQ - LTF Trading System, a groundbreaking closed-source TradingView Pinescript v5 indicator designed to elevate your trading journey to new heights. With precision, informed decision-making, and a comprehensive market view, AIWAY IQ is poised to transform the way you approach trading.

Key Components:
Kernel Regression Ribbon: Harness advanced kernel regression for noise-free trend analysis. Ranges: Identify no-duplicate interval ranges and equilibrium points for precise trade entries and exits. Volume Profile & Volumetric Order Blocks: Monitor real-time price action and recognize significant order blocks using volume profiles. Retracement Levels: Enhance your ability to spot potential reversal zones with ease. Swing Points & Liquidity: Detect swing points and focus on liquidity, providing a holistic view of market structure. Institutional Order Flow: Decode institutional order flow to understand market sentiment and liquidity.

We've streamlined over 12 open-source indicators, removing clutter and optimizing calculations to provide you with a seamless integration experience. Say goodbye to unnecessary code and configuration hassle, and hello to a smoother trading journey.

Important Note:
AIWAY IQ - LTF Trading System is a closed-source script offering a distinctive trading experience. While the underlying logic isn't fully disclosed, rest assured that our focus remains on providing you with a powerful tool for making informed trading decisions. As with any trading tool, it's essential to use AIWAY IQ responsibly, conduct thorough research, and exercise caution before making financial decisions.

Experience the future of trading with AIWAY IQ - LTF Trading System. Elevate your trading game and unlock new possibilities today!

02. AIWAY AI-IQ Meter

Prepare to take your crypto trading to new heights with the AIWAY AI-IQ BTC Meter, a cutting-edge independent system harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our advanced system has already undergone meticulous development and is poised to redefine your trading strategy.

AIWAY AI-IQ BTC Meter leverages the analysis of 200 Bitcoin alerts across multiple dimensions, including multi-view perspectives, strategic considerations, indicator-based insights, and diverse triggers spanning various timeframes, ranging from 4 hours to 3 weeks. This robust foundation is just the beginning of our journey.

Our future next steps is to develop even more and cover Ethereum (ETH), Total Market Capitalization (TOTAL), and Total Market Capitalization excluding Bitcoin (TOTAL2). By doing so, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the entire crypto market.

03. AIWAY Predict

Experience the future of crypto forecasting with AYWAY Predict. This module employs advanced machine learning techniques, artificial intelligence analysis, and complex mathematical formulas to generate precise price range predictions for every cryptocurrency available on the Binance exchange.

Furthermore, the AIWAY AI-IQ BTC Meter will grant you the flexibility to request its predictive capabilities to any cryptocurrency listed on Binance. Users will receive daily updates in private, and through our Telegram bot, you can request predictions for any coin available on the Binance exchange.


04. AIWAY Ratio

Our system is a fully automated Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that meticulously scans all the coins listed on Binance Spot & Futures. The AI uses a comprehensive set of strategies to identify potential long or sell positions, thereby providing a robust framework for cryptocurrency trading.

The system offers users specific entry points for both buying and selling various cryptocurrencies. However, the decision of when to close a trade ultimately rests with the user. We emphasize the importance of implementing a stop loss strategy. This approach is highly recommended as it can significantly minimize potential losses, thus promoting a more secure and profitable trading environment.

Our goal is to provide an advanced and user-friendly platform that contributes to an enriching cryptocurrency trading experience. We continually strive to enhance our AI capabilities to meet and exceed your trading expectations.


05. AIWAY News Trading System that uses 3 different sources websites, Twitter and Telegram

Gain a competitive edge with our suite of modules: AIWAY News Trading with 3 different sources AIWAY Web News, AIWAY Twitter and AIWAY Telegram Trading, That identifies the coin automatically and you can trade on it straight away.

These tools empower you to respond swiftly to positive or negative developments, be it breaking news from top-tier sources or influential Twitter accounts With AIWAY News Trading, our automatic system, you can seamlessly execute futures order, long or short on any coin listed on Binance. You can configure trade parameters, including position size, leverage (10×-15x or custom), link exchange API keys for trading. Additionally, these modules offer a safer option for SPOT buys, ensuring your investments are protected.


06. AIWAY Money Alert

Say goodbye to the days of relying on YouTube influencers, trend lines, and support and resistance levels. AIWAY Money Alert is your ticket to a new era of crypto trading. This feature will initially cover select top coins and do precisely what its name suggests-alert you when significant spikes are imminent. By monitoring Delta, the difference between buy and sell orders for both bearish and bullish scenarios, this tool often signals potential reversals or bounces.

07. AIWAY Copy Trading Revolution

In line with the growing trend of copy trading, AIWAY Project is proud to introduce a unique offering. One of our experienced developers, armed with a lot of expertise and passion, has meticulously designed trading strategies and indicators. He will provide you with the opportunity to engage in copy trading on the Binance, BYBIT and BITGET exchanges.


08. AIWAY Liquidation Heatmap

In the world of cryptocurrency trading, the market dynamics often seem to work against the majority. Whenever a substantial number of liquidations occur at a specific Bitcoin price level, market makers tend to seize this opportunity to initiate a chain reaction, causing a cascade of liquidations. This situation can result in significant losses for many traders.

However, in the realm of crypto trading, knowledge is power. To stay ahead of the game and make informed decisions, you can leverage the AIWAY Liquidation Heatmap module. This powerful tool provides valuable insights into the market's liquidation activities, helping you make smarter trading choices and safeguard your investments.

By staying updated with the liquidation heatmap, you can be better prepared for potential market fluctuations, mitigate risks, and seize opportunities when they arise. Take control of your trading strategy with AIWAY's Liquidation Heatmap module and navigate the volatile crypto market with confidence."

Embrace the future of crypto trading with AIWAY Project. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a new realm of informed decision-making and profitable opportunities. Join us as we reshape the crypto space, one intelligent trade at a time.


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